Design & Engineering Services

ThermAvant works with businesses and agencies to design, analyze, fabricate, and/or test custom thermal solutions to meet their challenging requirements.

Our team of PhDs, engineers and technicians have decades of experience in single-phase and phase change heat transfer, analytical and numerical modeling, and design for manufacturability. And, ThermAvant has the in-house capabilities to turn their conceptual innovations into hardware with verifiable results. 

Our Columbia, MO facility has these software, analytical and testing capabilities:

  • Computer aided design software (Autocad Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo Parametric)
  •  Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics software (Autodesk Simulation)
  • PCB development software (Altium Designer)
  • Design and development platform (LabView)
  • CAM software (Mastercam and Pro/NC software)
  • Thermal test stations (DAQs for temperature, pressure, flow recording; programmable power supplies; resistance heaters; cooling baths; variable gravity tilt tables)
  • Air flow bench (AMS 1200 cfm with pressure gauges)
  • Thermal imaging (FLIR still and motion camera)
  • And much more (oscilloscopes, signal generators, multimeters, counters, etc.)

Our Columbia, MO facility has these production capabilities:

  • High-speed CNC machining center with vacuum tables 
  • Custom-built high-speed horizontal router
  • Welding stations (200W YAG laser, MIG and TIG welders)
  • Reaction injection molding equipment
  • Ultransonic cleaning station
  • Heat pipe/oscillating heat pipe charging stations
  • Vacuum braze furnace
  • Atmospheric braze furnace
  • Miscellaneous fabrication equipment (manual mills, lathes, presses, hand tools, etc.)


If you are interested engaging our professionals to analyze and solve your thermal challenges, contact us.