Oscillating Heat Pipes (OHPs) use thermally driven, two-phase fluid flow to rapidly transfer heat between heat sources and heat sinks.  To learn more about the OHP technology and how we innovate custom thermal solutions, click on a topic below:

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OHP Applications and Industries


  • CPU, GPU and microchip cooling

  • Li-ion battery packages

  • Multi-chip circuit card heat sinks

  • RF device heat spreaders

  • Energy recovery heat exchangers

  • Optical equipment heat sinks

  • LED cooling

  • IGBTs, power electronics and more


  • Avionics/Aircraft

  • Spacecraft/Satellites

  • Radar & Telecommunications

  • Computer and IT

  • Energy storage

  • Medical

  • HVAC

  • Research agencies and organizations

OHP Product Specifications


  • Al and Al composites

  • Cu and Cu composites

  • Titanium

  • Stainless steel

  • Low-CTE metals

  • Ceramics and more

Working fluids

  • Water

  • Ketones

  • Alkanes

  • Alcohols

  • Hydrochlorofluorocarbons

  • Perfluorocarbons

  • Hydrofluorocarbons

  • More from <-40°C to >+300°C

operational limits

  • Heat fluxes <1W/cm2 to >1250W/cm2

  • Heat loads from <10W to >8,000W

  • Long-distance OHPs operable at 50cm length in horizontal & 1.5m length in vertical orientation

  • Chip-level OHPs operable at >9g of adverse gravity

Shapes and sizes

  • From 1mm thickness

  • Up to 1.5m long

  • Customizable widths

  • Flat or 3D plate with bosses, through holes, fins, mounting hardware, dielectric substrate, etc.

  • Platings and dielectric coatings

  • Ceramic substrates

  • Other features (fins, fans, etc.)

OHP Technical Resources

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OHP Videos