ThermAvant CEO Discusses Thermal Management System Techniques at Battery Safety Conference

ThermAvant Technologies co-founder and CEO Joe Boswell co-moderated a roundtable discussion entitled “innovative thermal management system techniques” during the ninth annual Battery Safety Conference.  William Q. Walker, PhD, aerospace technologist at NASA Johnson Space Center, served as lead moderator. During the roundtable, representatives from aerospace, defense, technology firms as well as government agencies discussed the safety challenges and potential solutions when integrating high energy lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) into wide ranging fields of use.

As co-moderator, Joe described recent LiB applications where Oscillating Heat Pipes (OHPs) are being implemented into packages to better control cell temperatures in high charge and discharge applications. Further discussions were held about how two-phase fluids inside OHPs can be tuned to stop transferring heat; and isolate defective or abused cells that go into thermal runaway.  Attendees also shared their experiences of how different LiB packaging materials and thermal management techniques imposed tradeoffs between safety, performance and cost.  Finally, participants talked about different methods for inducing thermal runaway in LiB packages and how to design experiments such that the resultant information can be used to continue to improve LiB safety in their systems or applications.

Held on October 30-31, 2018, in Arlington, VA, Battery Safety brought academic, government and industry experts into a dialogue about integrating and implementing LiB safety to meet ever-increasing energy demands. Lean more about Battery Safety at

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